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We are currently running 5 tanks. Tank sizes range from 10 , 12, 14, 16 and 25. All units are totally mobile.

We have a 20 year history with WCB, OHS and other governing bodies showing our stats and proving our commitment to safety in our industry. 


We maintain a strict maintenance schedule and our Safety Program exceeds industry standards.

Our safety protocol is paramount to the service we provide:


  • Daily Safety Meetings

  • Monthly Mission Statements and Committee Safety Meetings

  • Pre-Rig In Inspections

  • Employee Feedback

  • Near Miss and Hazard Identification

  • Accident Investigations

  • Quality Control Programs for all equipment

  • New Employee Orientation and Safety Training programs

  • Equipment Features

  • All 5 tanks come with 5000 psi RDI integral manifolds and line

  • Quality Control for all components of equipment

  • 5000 psi RDI integral flow manifolds and piping

  • Office shacks, safety equipment, Safety manual, email, QC-Program, Bean Choke supply, etc.

  • Vortec Metering System on all tanks; 1’, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” meter runs

  • Very effective moving costs for short field or long moves.

  • Effective for inline testing under 720 psi.

  • All test equipment Sour Service

  • Design compact for tight locations with minimum disturbance.

  • Flare stacks and tanks move together resulting in a lower cost to customer

  • 10k pipe and manifold debris catcher available upon request

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