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Accuracy Online is a provider of Production Testing serving Alberta in the Oil & Gas industry since 2000.  President Scott Shaw saw there was a need for portable equipment with low imprint and better cost effect for multiple locations and for in-line testing.

All equipment is totally mobile, which means no outside trucking costs.  Three trailer units would require third party trucking.

Currently operating 5 high pressure 12, 14, 16, 25 m³  up to 720psi test separators, flowing up to 50mcf/day, sand fracs, tests and inline, sweet/sour bleed offs.

Head office and yard is located in Red Deer, Alberta.

President Scott N. Shaw 403-391-8335

Operations Manager Eddy Wilson 403-358-9065


Supervisors Chris Bunker 403-507-0774 | Brady Arthur 403-506-4560 | Charles Landon 403-556-9887

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