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Quality Control

Our quality controls are based on organization, from daily up through yearly inspections. They meet and exceed industry protocols as well as our own Quality Features:

Training in Risk Management, Loss control management, Accident Investigation, COADC training and pass membership, COR certified with the small business course and large business maintenance and audit. AASP Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. 

  • Insurance, 5 million; WCB #4237-28-5 (Industry Code-9911)

  • Certificate of Recognition- # 20110622-1295 updated annually

  • Meter run and Deadweight Calibrations yearly

  • Trained Personnel to Industry Standards 

  • Tanks Certified semi- yearly by The Alberta Boilers Branch

  • All components certified by The Alberta Boilers Branch

  • Visual Inspections before and after each job

  • Thickness tests done on a regular basis

  • Quality Services

  • Fekete Software

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